Mouse movement quality in Ubuntu

Francesco Fumanti francesco.fumanti at
Wed Sep 26 19:17:57 UTC 2007


Thanks for this interesting piece of information.

Could you please paste the relevant section of the xorg.conf in a 
reply to this email, to show what has to be changed? In fact, I tried 
to do the change, but the X server did not startup correctly anymore. 
(I am back to the previous settings)

Maybe I changed the wrong line in the xorg.conf file?



At 8:24 PM -0700 9/26/07, Martin Olsson wrote:
>I always thought the mouse behaved a little weird in "Linux". When I
>would drag-and-sweep select something with the mouse very quickly I
>would often end up with a selection that was smaller than I intended.
>Clearly there was some kind latency problem because didn't get the
>mouse down event until I had already moved the mouse cursor quit a bit.
>I assume(d) that this was one of many unpolished things that would
>eventually be corrected.
>Earlier this week a more experienced Linux user showed me a way to fix
>this problem. Apparently, if I edit my xorg.conf file and switch the
>mouse input driver to "evdev" the mouse becomes extremely snappy and
>high precision. When I select stuff, exactly what I intended is
>selected. I love it!
>This little revelation made me realize that there is probably many
>people out there who are using Ubuntu with this kind of, not that
>severe, but still annoying mouse latency problems. Fixing this might be
>as simple as switching to "evdev" by default in Ubuntu (even though I
>admit that I have no idea about the actual difference in scope/purpose
>of the standard input driver versus the evdev driver).
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