Bacula + Avahi

Martin Owens doctormo at
Fri Sep 21 18:43:12 UTC 2007

Dear all,

I'm trying to come up with a solution for my friend in the MA LoCo
where he wishes to back up a multitude of windows and linux machines
on his home network to his central linux pvr system.

Now I've been digging though he documents for Bacula and I know how
Avahi works quite well the only problem is I can;t get Bacula to
actually work with ubuntu fiesty, I installed the server meta package,
console package and even the mysql packages the debian guide

It's kind of a big stumbling block that Bacula is quite complicated to
set up and doesn't automate anything what so ever, not even with
administration tools for configuring the thing, when even the bconsole
won't run and the bacula director won't run.

I'm going to continue to read the docs see if there is something I've
missed, but if you guys know a good solution that I can program around
to create an easy to install, easy to manage backup solution for both
local and network backups do let me know.

Best Regards, Martin Owens

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