update-manager issue: upgrade for beta versions

Alexandre Strube surak at ubuntu.com
Thu Sep 20 12:08:54 UTC 2007

Some days ago, we had a discussion about the proper method of upgrading
ubuntu remotely, and the obvious answer was update-manager, because of the
issues regarding updates with apt-get.
It surprised me to know that update-manager does not work on feisty to
upgrade to gutsy beta, and that the bug is around for three months: bugs
 #120957 and #118862 .

This happens on all machines of my clusters, and they're preety standard. No
external repos, no fancy packages, just feisty with universe, multiverse
enabled and a pair of scientific applications. Not that I want to upgrade
them for gusty yet, but the fact that it didn't work on my workstation made
me curious :)

Alexandre Strube
surak at ubuntu.com
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