More libraries needed in ia32-libs for Wine

Scott Ritchie scott at
Thu Sep 20 05:05:24 UTC 2007

I've uncovered a few bugs in the Wine package for AMD 64 that are the
result of a few 32 bit libraries not being included at build time.

Among those we lack 32 bit version of in any package:
libssl (for both libssl and libcrypto)
And a few others related to translation.

Wine won't work fully without these libs in some 32 bit form.  What I
want to know is the best way to proceed from here.  It seems like there
are several options:

Option 1:
Patch ia32-libs to include all the missing libraries.

The main upshot of this approach is that it will certainly work if
implemented, and the Wine package won't even need to be modified.  The
main downside is that the ia32-libs package will get even more bloated,
if it's even done at all: a look at some launchpad bugs shows ia32-libs
has been missing a few libraries for several releases now.  We also
introduce the possibility of regressions to packages expecting there to
NOT be certain libs in /usr/lib32 (say, if a build script assumes only
one libssl).

Option 2:
Create a new ia32-libs-wine package that includes the needed libraries.

This is similar to the approach taken with openoffice in the past, and
it allows us to create a very specific package that only Wine needs.
The downside is that we add yet another package, and it will get weirdly
named if a non-Wine package begins to depend on it.  However, we can
keep ia32-libs-wine in universe.


Scott Ritchie

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