nspluginwrapper a solution for 64-bit

Chris Warburton chriswarbo at googlemail.com
Wed Sep 19 08:47:06 UTC 2007

On Tue, 2007-09-18 at 23:27 -0400, Todd Deshane wrote:
> better yet, the latest version of gusty has the ubuntu firefox plugin
> manager installed and it give you the choice as to which one you can
> install. It defaults to the Adobe flash one (which pulls down and
> installs the 32 bit version properly). The gnash version is not
> default and like you said in alpha, but it also installs. Looks like
> the Ubuntu team is one step ahead on this one.

Heh, I know Firefox is the default Ubuntu browser and all, but as
an Epiphany/Konqueror user I prefer generic solutions.
nspluginwrapper has eliminated MOST of my need to open Firefox for
viewing Flash, since I can now use 64bit konqueror for that as
my browser of choice Epiphany is based on the Gecko engine like
Firefox and thus crashes often with Flash with no way to recover,
unlike Konqueror's KHTML engine which can restart any crashed
plugins simply by refreshing the page.

The default 64bit Firefox is just as bad as Epiphany here, meaning
it never even gets opened and I occasionally have to resort to my
pre-nspluginwrapper method of a 32bit Firefox which is pretty reliable
for Flash (along with weird frame systems like Google Video).

When the Epiphany Webkit support is better than just text (I tried
the version in Ubuntu's archives and it is still in need of work)
then I can hopefully move over to that completely and avoid the
far-too-common swap-death on my laptop caused by Gecko's memory

Basically what I am saying is, as a 64bit user, it can be incredibly
complicated to browse common Flash-based sites, and after trying
pretty much everything else nspluginwrapper is by far the easiest
way to get it working, not only in Firefox but in every other
Netscape-supporting browser too.

My 2p,
Chris Warburton

PS: Gnash is nice, but it can soon max out the CPU. Especially annoying
when it is caused by adverts that I'd rather not see anyway.

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