update-db cron job: solving a long-standing issue

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at ubuntu.com
Mon Sep 17 07:03:49 BST 2007


Milan [2007-09-15 16:54 +0200]:
> We can also think (and this is my opinion ;-) ) that the locate command
> is only used by advanced users that now how to install slocate in two
> minutes, and thus that we don't need to install it by default. Newbies
> don't use locate in a terminal, but Tracker in GNOME. 

I fully agree. Installing *two* search tools by default is too much.
We probably should not uninstall locate on upgrades, but we should not
put it into new installations. One is painful enough (although they do
not server the same purpose: locate only indexes file names, while
tracker indexes your entire file system, which is much more

With command-not-found, it is also very easy to see what's wrong when
the 'locate' command is not available and the package needs to be

Can you please file a bug about this, so that we can track it?

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