The latest amd64 nightly desktop ISO is 730 megs

Caroline Ford at
Mon Sep 17 08:38:22 UTC 2007

On Mon, 2007-09-17 at 07:37 +0300, Murat Gunes wrote:

> Not many daily images end up oversized. If it were a substantial
> percentage of all images, you'd have a point. With the current state of
> things, people can wait a day, or two at worst, or use the image from a
> day or two before (I think jidgo is not an option with the live CDs, but
> should be usable with the alternate CD; I'd be happy if someone could
> confirm this). 

Jigdo doesn't work with live CDs as they are just one file afaik. I
would also expect it to have problems with daily snapshots in general as
old versions of files are deleted from the archive meaning that I'd
expect you'd get incomplete images. Jigdo can have this problem with our
packages anyway as the images are not updated when a package is replaced
by eg a security update. I have some ancient bugs opened about it

You can fix with rsync but it's not very user friendly.


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