The latest amd64 nightly desktop ISO is 730 megs

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Mon Sep 17 05:47:09 UTC 2007


Scott Ritchie [2007-09-16 20:57 -0700]:
> The latest nightly ISO for AMD64 is too large to burn - even with
> overburning enabled.  The end result is that I can't test it.
> Is this a simple bug, or are nightly images allowed to get too large?
> Did something large creep in recently?

They occasionally get too large indeed. One of the offenders was the
latest upload which introduced a dependency to
-officebean which causes some 12 MB of oversizedness alone. Chris is
working on a new upload, which will also fix that.

I haven't investigated the reason for the remaining increase yet, I'll
do so soon.


Martin Pitt
Ubuntu Developer
Debian Developer

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