Request For Comments: blueprint around Ideastorm idea

Nicolas Deschildre ndeschildre at
Sat Sep 15 10:39:50 UTC 2007


I have been drafting a blueprint around Dell's Ideastorm idea.
Considering that the current means to get user wishes feedback is not
really good (see discussion in the blueprint) and considering
Ideastorm success for Dell, i was thinking of using this idea to
assess the user wishes.

Right now, when a user want to post a wish about ubuntu, where does he
go? He goes to forums, where its posts is quickly lost in the mass. Or
*if he know about it*, he goes to the bug report (bug! Not obvious!)
to post a wish. But this wish report hardly represent the size of the
Is only one person interested by this wish, or thousands? or more?

Consequently there is no real means to assess *quantitatively* and
*effectively* the users wishes and needs.
Thus the main guidelines of ubuntu development does not optimally
match the users demand.

Considering this, my blueprint try to propose a solution based on
Ideastorm idea, and reusing Launchpad framework.
Here it is :

I would really appreciate any comments on this, and you are welcome to
do some modifications you think appropriate. Especially I'd like to
hear from Launchpad guys about the possible implementation of the


Nicolas Deschildre

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