Position on large GPLed programs

Aaron Whitehouse lists at whitehouse.org.nz
Wed Sep 12 10:31:04 UTC 2007


> I'm a bit confused by the question.  What does the license have to do with
> it?  A big, MIT-licensed program would seem to raise exactly the same
> issues.

You are right, of course. It was a slip to choose one license instead
of just saying "open source".

> That's not exactly how it works; popcon statistics are actually dominated by
> the choice of default software, not the other way around.  While we do
> consider relative popularity when selecting programs for the default
> install, popcon is unfortunately not very useful for this at the moment.

I expected that to be the case for the actual files installed and for
the Desktop CD. I was thinking of was the extra packages that are put
on the alternate install CD/the DVD - I understood that popcon was
used to determine which to put on there to fill up the space.

Thanks for your help,


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