That need to close bugs?

Matthew Paul Thomas mpt at
Wed Sep 12 01:29:10 UTC 2007

On Sep 12, 2007, at 11:06 AM, Onno Benschop wrote:
> ...
>    2. While Dapper isn't the bleeding edge of Ubuntu, code that exists
>       in Dapper exists in Feisty and Gutsy today. That implies that
>       bugs that exist in Dapper are also likely to exist. Disk space is
>       cheap. A computer is great at searching stuff. Leave the bug in
>       the system, leave it open so others can stumble upon it and not
>       feel that they are the first to experience this problem.
> ...

A bug report takes up exactly the same amount of disk space regardless 
of whether it is open or closed.

What's most important is making the best use of developer time. That in 
turn requires making the best use of QA time, because an efficient QA 
team will be more likely to convey accurately which bugs developers 
should be working on.

So the QA team need to balance the probability that aggressively 
declining incomplete bug reports will lead to more duplicates being 
reported, against the probability that leaving bug reports open will 
make searching harder and slow down QA in general.

Matthew Paul Thomas
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