Grouping preferences/Administration items?

Nicolas Deschildre ndeschildre at
Sun Oct 28 12:26:51 UTC 2007

Ouch, my words are a little confusing.
What i means is grouping items of the preference menu in themed submenus.
And the same thing for administration menu.
But not merging both menus!

Sorry for the lack of clarity.


On 10/28/07, Nicolas Deschildre <ndeschildre at> wrote:
> Hi!
> I was wondering if it might be a good idea to update the policy to
> group preferences/administration items (in the system menu)...
> Right now, with a few additionnal programs installed, the list of
> items is longer than my 900px-height screen. I have to look several
> times to search and find what I'm looking for: there is no logical
> organization. And in the middle stands things a average user won't
> generally care, like "PalmOS devices".
> So why not grouping items by theme, like "network", "desktop",
> "hardware", ... right along the existing "Universal access"?
> Nicolas

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