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Tue Oct 23 22:20:47 UTC 2007

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Kristian Erik Hermansen wrote:
> On 10/23/07, Daniel Holbach <daniel.holbach at ubuntu.com> wrote:
>> I had some discussions with John Dong and Jo?o Pinto and both
>> acknowledged the fact that there's a need for installing just a
>> select few backport packages and not all of them.
>> Let's imagine that somebody has an interest in just the latest
>> version of blender on his stable system. That user does not want
>> to upgrade to all packages available in the backports repository,
>> but just the backported version of blender.
>> How could something like this be realised in a user-friendly way?
> I think that most people will be searching via Synaptic.  I think
> there should be an option in the default installation of Ubuntu,
> such that when you search for 'blender' or any other package that
> is available via a backport repository, Synaptic offers the ability
> to right-click the package name and say 'Install the bleeding-edge
> version' or something similar.  I think only tech-savvy guys will
> utilize this feature, and the word 'bleeding-edge' will imply that
> it could be dangerous.  You should not have the mention the word
> 'backports' to the end user as this is a term unknown to those
> unfamiliar with software development...
We may want to note that backports aren't necessarily the same as
"bleeding-edge", since they may be completely stable, but are simply
newer than the release.  I'd hardly call something released the day
after feature freeze for Dapper to be bleeding edge in most cases now.
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