Latin support in babel for TeX Live 2007-10

Charles P. Schaum verbo.solo at
Tue Oct 23 17:19:41 UTC 2007

Please note the following:

I had used the babel package with TeTeX on FreeBSD, Ubuntu (thru feisty)
and MikTeX on Windows with latin, german, and polutonikogreek in
addition to english. Had no problems.

The TeXLive distribution of LaTeX in 7.10 gutsy currently fails
on /usr/share/tetex-texmf/tex/generic/babel/latin.ldf here:

33.47 \addto\extraslatin{\def
33.48 \addto\extraslatin{\def
33.49 \addtoextraslatin{\LatinMarksOff}

The control sequence \addtoextraslatin{\LatinMarksOff} generates an
"undefined control sequence" error.
Changing that line tends to produce other errors regarding the shorthand
marks for Latin.

Yet this file appears to have been a functional part of babel for some
time. It appears that babel is matching poorly with TeXLive at this
point and some resolution between the two needs to happen.

My immediate workaround for latin.ldf is:

< \addtoextraslatin{\LatinMarksOff}
> %% \addtoextraslatin{\LatinMarksOff}


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