A tricky situation in malone bug 60995

João Pinto lamego.pinto at gmail.com
Sat Oct 20 23:18:20 UTC 2007

> Users overly concerned with using something that looks and feels like
> Windows, IMO, probably want to run Windows.  "Windows does ...." is
> really an irrelvant argument from my perspective.
The issue is not about pro-Windows or anti-Windows users, the point is that
people are used to a given behavior on a application they use for a long
time,  they keep using the same application an despite the platform
difference they expect the same behavior for a function which is not
platform related.
I understand there was a good reason for the change but I am still not
convinced that this was the best fix, anyway moving the debate to a Linux vs
Windows flamewar will clearly not bring any light into the discussion.

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