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Wed Oct 17 15:30:53 UTC 2007

I have done the pidgin packaging.
First we provided a singe package, which would not conflict with gaim, it
would just provide "pidgin", it could be used together with gaim. Later, we
backported the package as provided on Debian.
I did not had any special considerations that were not covered by Debian, I
have tested the package prior to publishing, I found no issues.
You can also check for issues reported by users: You can see the comments at
The main issue is the -data package which needs to be installed first, gdebi
will call dpkg -i and break the apt cache because the existing "piding" will
miss it's dependencies, this is a known dpkg/gdebi limitation as noted on a
previous thread on this list.


> Hi,
> That's a good example of something not easy to backport and I would be
> curious to know how you made sure that your pidgin packages was not
> breaking other packages using gaim (various gaim plugins,
> nautilus-sendto, etc). Did you provide piding variant of those with
> dummy transition packages, correct Conflicts informations, updated
> Depends? Or did you just shipped the new version without consideration
> for those issues?
> Sebastien Bacher
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