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Tue Oct 16 21:21:24 UTC 2007

Hello Michael,
we had this conversation at that time, I was a single person working on
I had no time to MOTIfy and keep Getdeb. Getdeb is not just about software
packaging, it is a software portal a PHP/MySQL custom engine, with
registered users which require attention, is is about identifying packaging
candidates, etc, etc.
Now we do have a small team, but the getdeb requirements are also much
higher, I have a full time job and a full spare time project. I do not have
the TIME to work on any other activity.
Besides the users feedbacks there are the new members which joined the team,
those more than 20 people which translated the site and those occasional
debian package maintainers or upstream authors which contribute.
Backports maybe a great project, Universe is great, however there is people
like me which does believe that GetDeb has a role on the Ubuntu software
This is not a religion, is not like we can convert getdeb work to MOTU work,
we both work great because we love what we do and how we do, we respect our
policies, and we have our own improvement goals.

I would love to be a MOTU together with GetDeb, eventually that would help
collaboration, however, becoming a MOTU does require some time (I know the
process), time which I do not have.

GetDeb may get a negative attention from the Ubuntu Tech Board, we may be
forced to shut down the project, whatever, that really does not matter, what
does matter is that we believe that we are doing a good thing for the Ubuntu
community and open source in general, we are not hurting Ubuntu, we are
promoting it.

But yes, because we do not work close with the official repositories teams
there maybe events of conflicting and problematic upgrades, for such reason
we have recently requested the users to uninstall all of our packages prior
to an upgrade. This is a point on which we definitively need to improve.


2007/10/16, Michael R. Head <burner at>:
> On Tue, 2007-10-16 at 22:03 +0200, Sebastien Bacher wrote:
> > No, that's not something we can know from a summary mail, we would need
> > to look at the packages you are distributing. Do you have a bug tracker
> > where users can send issue they have using the getdeb versions?
> BTW, I was really excited when getdeb came out about a year ago. I
> thought, "wow, here's a way to get the latest versions of apps."
> I was hoping that all these new packages would get MOTUed by João and
> find their way into backports, but that hope never became reality.
> Then after using getdeb for a while, the packages I was looking for came
> into the official repository and I got automatic updates across all my
> machines (having five different versions of GNOME References on each of
> my machines was a pain).

João Pinto
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