Untrusted software and security click-through warnings

Milan nalimilan at club.fr
Tue Oct 16 16:16:18 UTC 2007

I completely agree with Ian: let's just get rid of GDebi & Co. installed
by default, thus requiring the users to copy/paste commands to a
console. This is IMHO the best warning we can provide, and daring/being
able to start a console and do this is already a check of the user will
and capacity at the same time.

Now, as Alexander says, we must provide easy ways to install missing
packages that are approved by Ubuntu. Else we will only be boring users
when they install a normal system. We need a list of all reasonably
needed packages to make a standard Desktop run (encrypted DVDs, drivers,
backports...) and of known trustable repositories.

What I like in Ubuntu, it's that constantly new outlooks emerge to
create completely new designs that will be fit to the Desktop for a long
time. With upstart it was great; today, we are concerned about what we
will become when Ubuntu is the first OS used in the word. That's what we
need to think of, and that's no joke! ;-)

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