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Tue Oct 16 15:46:16 UTC 2007

Am Dienstag, den 16.10.2007, 15:22 +0100 schrieb João Pinto:
> Scott,
> besides myself there other debian/ubuntu contributors which also
> contribute to getdeb, when they do it for an official project you
> classify them as insiders, and on other project, outsiders ?
> What part of our work is not available to the Ubuntu community from
> both users an developer's perspective ? 
> How does creating a project with a different methodology, goals, and
> resources make us "outside" Ubuntu ? 
> As per your comment there is an "Ubuntu inside" certification that we
> can get somewhere, how do I get such certification ? 

This whole issue is about the infrastructure and not being part of the

> I do believe that when doing volunteer work we can do whatever we like
> to do, I find very odd to receive negative comments, not because we
> are doing something wrong, but because we are not doing ONLY what some
> people believe is right. 

It is nearly the same problem as with automatix. It often seems to be
easier to produce a "third party" product that fixes some issues than to
improve the Ubuntu infrastructure. But on the long run improving Ubuntu
itself seems to be the better way.

> Do you have any arguments against the project besides the "outsiders"
> tag ? I do expect to get those so that we can better identify
> improvement opportunities.

There has been a long and still ongoing discussion about third party
software and how easily it should be to install and to use it.

Downloading and installing software blindly from the Internet is
generally a bad habit. It is perhaps one of the main reasons that lead
to the bad image of Windows.

Furthermore you have got a responsibility for the user who uses your
products. Adding a statement that the quality of the provided packages
could be questionable and that you don't support distribution upgrades
is simply not enough. Additionally you don't communicate this in a
visible way. There is no hint on the front page or on the download page.

What about users who get used installing software from your site and not
from the Ubuntu repository?

On the other side your site could fill a gap for a web based archive of
Ubuntu applications, that provides data that we cannot ship on CD:
screenshots, user comments and so on.


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