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Tue Oct 16 05:28:39 UTC 2007

Op zondag 14-10-2007 om 12:46 uur [tijdzone +0100], schreef João Pinto:
> Future Plans
> ---------------
> Move to APT based software distribution
> - Most people ask why aren't we using APT yet, the answer is simple,
> there is no APT based implementation for a project with our
> distribution model, there are some limitations that we still need to
> address Internationalization improvement
> - One of the current problems is the mix between english contents and
> local contents and contacts (this can be seen on the comments section)
> I have no specific mention to collaboration with the Ubuntu/Debian
> universe, backports, developers, packaging teams, that is our
> philosophy and practice, we belong to the same community.
> I will appreciate any questions/comments/suggestions.

Well, why not put those packages into ubuntu backports repositories
instead (or at least a PPA)?  If there are any issues preventing you
from doing so, it might be interesting to hear them.

And, related to that, have you thought about turning the GetDeb site
into a user-friendly UI for the backports repository, making things
easier for people who want new versions without adding the backports
repository and possibly having to pin certain versions of other
packages, etc., etc.

Jan Claeys

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