Bug: blurry menu icons with most of gnome-themes

Milan nalimilan at club.fr
Sun Oct 14 10:55:05 UTC 2007

I'd like to raise your awareness about bug 141227
which deals with a major issue in Gutsy.

Many menu icons appear blurry when you choose a theme other than Human.
I believe this is impacting all Ubuntu Destkops. This is involving
pretty standard applications like Baobab, Preferred applications and
even About GNOME. It makes any custom theme unusable (i.e. ugly), thus
restricting Ubuntu to one only theme.

There are bugs open upstream (see the report), but nobody seems to act
there. This is a matter of 22x22 icons not being installed by
applications (Human is using 24x24). I found an easy workaround (see the
report too): using 24x24 icons in themes such as Clearlooks restores the
normal appearance of all icons. I could not find any drawback.

Is everybody here experiencing the same? Does any developer want to
tackle the ugliest bug I have found in Gutsy? Maybe it can be fixed with
a few tweaks.

Thanks - and sorry for talking about bugs in the list, but it seems that
in some cases we are allowed to, and we should

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