Graphical installer for the alternate CD?

Aaron Whitehouse lists at
Sun Oct 14 10:07:09 UTC 2007

> > > The below, inlined patch introduces the boot option "lowraminstall" which
> > > boots the computer directly into Ubiquity in a minimal X session. I would
> > > suggest sneaking this into Gutsy, as a hidden and unsupported possibility
> > > for those who need it. If people are happy with it, the extra line in the
> > > boot menu in isolinux.cfg can be added in a later version.
> >
> > For the record, this was since merged by Evan as the 'only-ubiquity'
> > boot option.
> Will this be a boot option?

Why not choose it in the cases where it is needed? The current system
requirements for the desktop CD are 320MB of RAM.  If the user has
256MB or less, then we could just load the "lowraminstall" session
when they select the normal option.

If people are concerned with doing anything automatically, we could
have a second menu where, if the machine has less than 320MB RAM (it
could be a higher threshold because it is no longer automatic), the
user is asked whether they want to boot into the full or cut-down


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