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Sat Oct 13 04:07:18 UTC 2007

Op zaterdag 13-10-2007 om 01:13 uur [tijdzone +0200], schreef Alexandre
> *** Two machines in my hands now where gusty sucks: A PC, experimental
> 16-core pentium-d machine, 8g ram, three videocards: intel 945 for the
> first 4 processors (can't tell mode, nda) and two ati radeon x1800xt
> 512mb. This machine works fine with the ati driver, but with the intel
> one, shoot me.

I guess your problem is that this is an experimental system and it isn't
recognised properly because of that?

Compiz works fine even on *much* older Intel cards.  At computer fairs
the mobile 945 in my laptop has attracted a lot of attention from people
who couldn't run Vista + SFX properly on a graphics card that was
considered high-end 1-2 years ago.

(One possibility is that the code involved has issues with

BTW: what's that computer manufacturer that sold 300k Ubuntu systems?
That should go into UWN!  :-)

Jan Claeys

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