Restricted tab-completion is annoying

Aaron C. de Bruyn ubuntu-devel-discuss at
Fri Oct 12 01:43:15 UTC 2007

> > If I modify them, doesn't that mean they will get overwritten by the next update to the bash package?
> not if you modify them in your own .bashrc

Yeah--but system-wide I want it off.
On the hosting server I own, I have 4 other admins that would absolutely hate this.

> sniffing the mime type of every file in the directory each time you hit <tab> ??
> The day it starts doing this I'll stop using it...

Yeah--that's what I was saying.  It seems like that would be a huge waste of resources.
I guess I wasn't clear--but there are two paths.  Do tab completion on a system I consider broken (based on file extension) which doesn't actually tell you what is in the file.  Or what nautilus appears to be doing--displaying a 'type' column that ignores the file extension.  I tested it with my PDF example.

It's sorta a catch-22.  Use the 'broken' system or use the bloated system that would require mime lookups on every file.

In my opinion, both are bad.  That's why I would love to disable is entirely and just have tab completion for every file.  (And parameters to things like svn, rsync, etc...)

> Do you have tracker or something similar installed ?
> nautilus does NOT sniff the mime type when it shoes the content of a
> directory, it does it only when you select the file

I'm running a fairly default install of gutsy.  Looking at the package list, it shows trackerd.
Could bash maybe tie into that database easily?  As much as I hate it restricting my tab-completion, at least it would be a little more accurate...

Of course I may very well be a fringe case.

> and I do not want it to show me the non-pdf files in the same directory.
> I really like this filtering, but agree that we should have some way
> to complete other files as well (by hitting tab again or <shift-tab>
> or whatever)

Agreed.  I would love to have a system-wide disable option and/or a per-account option.
For now I'll settle for what Gavin said in his message to the list.  Toss 'shopt -u progcomp' into your .bashrc

Of course I'm not that familiar with bash, but I'm guessing that probably turns off my nice svn command completion too... ;)


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