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Emmet Hikory wrote:
> On 10/10/07, Wenzhuo Zhang <wenzhuo at> wrote:
>> Perhaps the country level CNAMEs should resolve to when
>> the mirrors are more than one day behind.
>     This is rarely best.  In the common case, any specific piece of
> software being installed has not changed in the past day (or even past
> week), and so collecting from a nearby location (in terms of network
> topology) is preferable.  If a set of packages must be up to date,
> that repository should not be distributed in such a way as to allow
> delays (e.g.  If an individual must have the
> latest set of packages, adding a more frequently updated mirror as a
> secondary source is a possible local solution, such that most packages
> are taken from the local archive, and out-of-date packages are taken
> from a more updated (but less close) archive.

In this case, you can probably use Taiwan's mirror. This one is up to date.

For the future, I think it might be best, if Ubuntu could establish a
proxy mirror in the Western US for the Asian mirrors to pull from. I
spoke with the TW mirror maintainer yesterday and he suggested this to
me, because all traffic from East Asia (at least) to Europe, go via the
USA. Debian has such a proxy in the Western US and pulling from there is
much faster than pulling from Europe directly. Most links from East Asia
go to L.A. or S.F., so establishing a proxy there would probably be best
to speed things up.

For China, however, I'm not sure if they have direct links to the US, or
if traffic is routed through Taiwan or Japan, like the TW mirror
maintainer guessed.
However, he told me that many Asian mirrors actually pull from the TW
mirror, because of speed and reliability.

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