kernel: Removing modules do not turn off devices

Todd Deshane deshantm at
Tue Oct 9 01:07:01 UTC 2007

I think power management issues are important to take into account, it
is getting a lot of attention recently.

Is this option still marked as experimental?

Is there a strict policy on it or can sufficient testing be done to
allow it to be enabled by default?

Here is the bug that was filed to track the process, some assistance
needed on it:

Maybe something to look into for Hardy at least?


On 10/8/07, Paulo da Silva <psdasilva at> wrote:
> Hi!
> I am testing kubuntu gutsy (next 7.10).
> I noticed that removing usb wireless modules, for example, does not turn
> off the devices.
> This is important for laptops. Devices, when not in use, should be
> turned off.
> I think this is caused by kernel not being built with devices->USB
> support->USB selective suspend/resume and wakeup (USB_SUSPEND) enabled.
> Not sure however.
> Regards.
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