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João Pinto lamego.pinto at gmail.com
Sun Oct 7 14:28:48 UTC 2007

>From your answer, dpkg is a low level package handling tool which has no
integrity enforcement (from the installed packages perspective).
Apt-get is an APT repository based package install tool, out of the scope of
my question, is there any other file based package management tool which is
dependencies aware (I mean installed packages dependency)?


2007/10/7, Gérard BIGOT <gerard.bigot at gmail.com>:
> On 10/7/07, João Pinto <lamego.pinto at gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> > Hello,
> > I am sure there is a design reason for this behavior which I am missing,
> > I would appreciate if someone could explain it.
> >
> > Starting point:
> > Package A version X, Depends on Package A-DATA version X
> > Boths Package A-X and A-DATA-X are installed.
> > Action:
> > dpkg -i Package A-DATA, version X+1
> > Result: The package is properly installed without any warnings, however
> > Package A becomes broken, GUI update/install tools will refuse to work until
> > an apt-get -f install is issued (which will remove the broken package).
> >
> > Shouldn't the dpkg install package warn or not install the new package
> > by checking that an installed package will become broken ?
> dpkg knows only how to deal (install, check if it overwrite a file from
> another package, remove, repair, purge) with a single package. dpkg has no
> idea about dependency.
> apt-get has the dependency notion, and it asks to dpkg to install single
> package.
> if you want to be warned about dependency problems, use apt-get.
> G.

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