GL-screensavers acting up in Gutsy

Matthias Andersson matthias.andersson at
Fri Oct 5 23:55:17 UTC 2007


I updated yesterday to Gutsy on my Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo L1300.

I noticed when I tried to reconfigure my screensaver that the GL 
screensavers began to act strangely, in the preview window they work 
fine until I drag a window on top of the preview, the window starts to 
blink and become distorted.

When the screensavers activate and the screen is locked I have to enter 
the password without seeing the actual password prompt because it's 
"behind" the screensaver.

I didn't have this problem with Feisty. The normal screensavers work fine.

Matthias Andersson

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