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Jan Claeys lists at
Thu Nov 29 19:38:06 UTC 2007

Op donderdag 29-11-2007 om 19:54 uur [tijdzone +0900], schreef Onno
> How can I as an IT solutions provider install software that will
> continue to be packaged and supported?
> At the moment, the best knowledge seems to be to download an .rpm and
> use alien against it, hardly a satisfactory solution in my opinion.
> Next I'll be recompiling kernel modules, and then I might as well run
> Gentoo :)
> Don't misunderstand me, I'm not having a go at the team responsible
> for packaging vmware, I'm trying to understand where my expectation
> and reality experienced a disconnect resulting in this unsatisfactory
> experience.

I guess that it is (also) up to the upstream companies to decide which
software they want to distribute through Canonical's commercial/partner

Jan Claeys

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