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Sun Nov 25 01:27:40 UTC 2007

On Thursday 15 November 2007 03:30:06 Patrick wrote:
> Hi Onno and list
> Let me try one more time.
> I think these topics are "package centric"
> 1)Question=I want to install a cd burning utility
> Answer=Synaptic multi-media section or type in cd burning utility in 
> Synaptic search bar.
> 2)Question=I want to install a LAMP server
> Answer=Select mark by task in Synaptic and choose LAMP
> I think these are "configuration centric"
> 3)Question=I want to configure my NFS server
> Answer= manually edit configuration file or use dpkg-reconfigure -plow 
> to launch configuration script.
> 4)Question=Why can't Totem play WMV files?
> Answer= for legal reasons we can't install the codecs by default. You 
> will need to install them manually elsewhere.
> Good night everyone, I'm going to bed-Patrick

For that, you have Google, and help/wiki.ubuntu.com

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