New Programs for Hardy?

Bryan Haskins kingofallhearts999 at
Wed Nov 14 20:55:40 UTC 2007

Our miro packages need some major work. In the form of:
- New Upstream, 1.0
- Some compilation reconsiderations

I'm not specifically sure of the cause, but the repo version has some major
issues, perhaps it was due to the lib boost incompatibilities of the last
version, well now the code works with it natively (they even have their own
gutsy repository). I was experiencing crashes and major slowdowns as the
guide loaded, think waiting 10 minutes (on a more than capable system) for
the main UI and the Guide to load, the gusty repo version from them, snappy
and instant. So there is some inconsistencies there that we should look

As far as Java, we *try* to push Iced Tea, the GPL Java implementation, If
you notice when trying John's Azureus package with no java environments
installed, it will attempt to install Iced Tea, rather than the OSS
Friendly, but not FOSS JRE, iced tea for all intents and purposes works fine
for use anyway, much unlike old implementations we pushed with Azureus which
were... less than to be desired some times.

Aaaaand... yea It looks like you already talk about Iced Tea in the second
post I not just saw... oh well, I'll leave it here, it's valuable
information for anyone interested =]

Back to the original point... I would totally say Miro would be a good
candidate for Main.. It's not very large.. BUT it does have a java
dependency... because of this I can almost guarantee it will not see the
Install Disc for some time to come, even though Iced Tea is sure a movement,
we're working with 700mb here, compression only does so much.

On Nov 14, 2007 4:19 AM, Conrad Knauer <atheoi at> wrote:

> Since we're at the formative stages of Hardy I thought I'd start a
> thread about apps which might be good for inclusion in the default
> Ubuntu setup.
> My suggestion:
> Miro (GPL v2 or later; currently in universe) has reached its 1.0milestone
> I note that its getting praise from the press
> I've used it in the past and its quite interesting.
> CK
> P.S. I was looking at /usr/share/doc/sun-java6-jre/copyright and had a
> 'WTF? moment':
> ---
> This product is covered and controlled by U.S.
> Export Control laws and may be subject to the export or
> import laws in other countries.  Nuclear, missile, chemical
> biological weapons or nuclear maritime end uses or end
> users, whether direct or indirect, are strictly prohibited.
> Export or reexport to countries subject to U.S.
> embargo or to entities identified on U.S.  export exclusion
> lists, including, but not limited to, the denied persons and
> specially designated nationals lists is strictly prohibited.
> ---
> Apparently one cam made WMDs with it or something; no wonder its in
> multiverse! ;)
> Are we ever going to get some form of Java in Ubuntu by default I wonder?
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