Reappearing mouse issues in ogengl applications

Tim Kersten irlkersten at
Wed Nov 14 17:12:53 UTC 2007


There is a bug that has come back. It was originally reported on
2006-09-18. I don't think anybody has figured out what was actually
causing the problem but it was fixed during feisty. Unfortunately it
is now back. The bug causes the mouse pointer to periodically jump to
different locations on the screen making most opengl games unplayable.

I had mistakenly changed the bug to xserver-xorg-input-mouse but I
don't want to change it back to another package without knowing for
sure what is causing the problem. It would be really nice to fix this
issue once and for all. My comment on this latest change says that
it's fixed, but this an error on my behalf. It is still broken.

If anybody has any ideas how to track down the cause of the problem, I
would really appreciate it.


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