GIMP *final* release for Gutsy?

randall randall at
Tue Nov 13 07:06:01 UTC 2007

Aaron C. de Bruyn wrote:
>> Aaron C. de Bruyn:
>>> It boils down to this:  If users aren't running into bugs, why repackage?
>> Because having “Release Conadidate” on the splash screen and “rc” in the 
>> About box gives users the impression that this is not a trustworthy, 
>> final version of GIMP.
> Kinda like how hundreds of thousands of people used the old ICQ 99b (or whatever the version was) client that was listed as a 'beta' for years.
> ...or how people used the beta version of gmail.
> I honestly didn't notice that GIMP said "Release Candidate" on the splash screen until this discussion came up, and I use it daily.
> My wife also uses it daily, and she's not a geek like me--just a home user.  She never realized it either.  Maybe we're just completely oblivious.
> But I think most people won't care what it says--they'll just run it.
> ...of course someone else pointed out that it actually says "Release Conadidate" instead of 'candidate'.  Heck--I missed that too.  But that's something that should be fixed.  Just because it says Beta or Release Candidate or isn't a final version is not a reason to update the package.
> Even the final, officially approved, non release candidate version will have bugs.   ...and they will have to be fixed.  So why not just fix the bugs when they are reported.
> I'm not trying to be a jerk--I just don't see the point in updating because of the version string.
> I do see a point in updating due to a bug.
> -A
we all know that version numbers don't matter and especially in the OSS 
world where there is no commercial reason to bump to a .0 number just to 
make it look stable, and for myself i could not care less wich version 
it has as long as it works. (there are numerous times i had bugs and 
crashes in so called "stable releases")

but then again, everybody on this mailing list is not the target 
audience for "bug #1" and if Ubuntu is aiming for allround usage by the 
masses, some things can be learned from the competitors by spending some 
more time on presentation of the product.

the whole purpose of Ubuntu is to bring a polished and shining desktop 
experience for the non-techie end user who cares more about pretty 
colours then the underlying processes, otherwise they might as well run 
i must say that Ubuntu has come a long way in achieving this, but the 
"Release Conadidate" definetely shows that improves still need to be 
made, the appearance of a splash screen is not something to be judged by 
a developer but by the Canonical art commision.

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