GIMP *final* release for Gutsy?

Sarah Hobbs hobbsee at
Tue Nov 13 03:14:32 UTC 2007

Peter wrote:
> It's not as simple is that, you need a sponsor for your patches to be
> approved. And currently there are 45 "bugs" in the sponsorship queue,
> 5 are committed, 4 in progress, 3 triaged, 16 confirmed (one as late as
> 2006-03-03) and 17 new the oldest dating back to 2006-12-14.
> So it comes down to workload at the MOTU side. I won't discuss this
> here anymore, like I mentioned we have had this thread before on two
> mail listings.

Most of the main developers have been away at UDS, and then at the 
Canonical Company Conference (All hands), including the guy who 
allocates the sponsorships around, for the main queue.  I'm guessing 
it's just a particularly busy time for them, particularly as most of 
them are trying to get the base system merges done (ie, priority: 
essential stuff, toolchain, etc).

And, again, MOTU != core dev.  MOTU's can not upload directly to main. 
Therefore, it's not a question of workload on the MOTU side at all - and 
so i suspect that the above arguments, which all applied to MOTU, not 
core dev, are null and void.  Excluding the quality arguments.


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