Benefit of Compiz to audio work?

Emmet Hikory emmet.hikory at
Mon Nov 12 21:08:47 UTC 2007

On Nov 13, 2007 12:25 AM, Cory K. <coryisatm at> wrote:
> The Ubuntu Studio team is considering shipping Compiz (with a minimal
> config) in Ubuntu Studio-Hardy 8.08.
> Some have said that moving the drawing of windows off the the GFX card
> would help the load on the CPU and thus keep xruns to a minimum.
> Any thoughts/ideas on this one?

    Speaking strictly for the audio use case: I find that enabling
compiz does have an impact on local CPU usage, and that running
disabled frees a few more cycles for audio processing.  I suspect this
is an artifact of integration between the GUI toolkits and compiz, and
that as compiz use becomes the base case, and support filters down the
stack, this will no longer be the case.

    Completely guessing about the graphics / video use case, I wonder
if some of the transformation filters don't tend to be bound by the GL
engine rather than the local CPU.  I suppose it depends on what
transformations are being applied, but it may be worth investigation.


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