GIMP *final* release for Gutsy?

Greg K Nicholson newsgroups at
Mon Nov 12 09:46:19 UTC 2007

Aaron C. de Bruyn:
> So you are saying that we should react to new versions by packaging the up on the basis that there are probably users that could maybe be having bugs but haven't reported them.

We should react on that basis only to new, stable versions of packages 
where the current version in Ubuntu is an unstable, non-final version. 
Upstream is presumably not-final for a reason.

> I'm sure by now just about every package in Gutsy has an updated version.  It would take a *TON* of development time constantly updating packages.

We'd only have to do this *once* for each package of which a non-final 
version was released in Ubuntu final. Once the final version of the 
package is available, there need be no more updates (beyond what are 
already done).

Hopefully a commitment to doing this extra packaging work after the 
Ubuntu release would dissuade us from including non-final package 
releases in final Ubuntu releases.


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