GIMP *final* release for Gutsy?

Greg K Nicholson newsgroups at
Sun Nov 11 16:20:23 UTC 2007

Dean Sas:
> Greg K Nicholson wrote:
>> So we're actually getting 2.4.1 (or something very much like it), but 
>> labelled “2.4.0rc3”?
> Precisely. Often Ubuntu packages might include patches from upstream
> that haven't yet been made part of a release. See Emmet's review for the
> exact details in this case.

When the patches are applied, then, it would make sense for the version 
number to be bumped to match the upstream release that the Ubuntu 
version most closely resembles. This would make it clearer to end users 
what we're actually getting, and prevent some confusion. I believe this 
is what already happens with Firefox.

New confusion arising from Ubuntu's version “2.4.1” being slightly 
different in some areas from upstream's “2.4.1” should be minimal: 
Ubuntu's version string includes the suffix “ubuntu”. That can act as a 
caveat for people who care. (So it's “GIMP 2.4.1-but-Ubuntu's-version” 
rather than “the actual proper GIMP 2.4.1 for real”. If a bug is 
supposed to be “fixed in 2.4.1” we'd still have the excuse that it's not 
“fixed in 2.4.1-ubuntu”.)

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