GIMP *final* release for Gutsy?

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Sun Nov 11 02:49:39 UTC 2007

On Sat, 10 Nov 2007 21:50:27 +0900
"Emmet Hikory" <emmet.hikory at> wrote:

> On Nov 10, 2007 9:22 PM, Peter <ubuntu at> wrote:
> > So what is it that an Ubuntu developer develops for Gimp? I thought
> > it was the Gimp developers who developed Gimp. If I find a bug in
> > Gimp I will address it with the Gimp developers and not with an
> > Ubuntu developer. That's like saying if you run into a bug with
> > Firefox on windows you'll write Microsoft.
>     Ubuntu developers perform three major activities (and lots of
> others), specifically packaging available software, patching that
> software to address reported bugs, and working to integrate that
> software with the rest of the distribution.  If an issue is
> encountered with a package, it is much preferable to report it to
> Ubuntu, as it may or may not affect the upstream package (and the
> Ubuntu developers will forward the report if it does).
Because of the patches created by the Ubuntu developers you'll have to
report it to Ubuntu developers which means a big workload compared to
releasing the package as provided by the original developers.

> > I appreciate the patches that Ubuntu developers make, I've seen them
> > when creating packages but when an update of a package comes out,
> > not a major release but a minor one like Gimp 2.4-rc3 -> 2.4.0 ->
> > 2.4.1 , it's my believe you'll only have to check if your patches
> > are still relevant.
Any comments for this one???

> >
> > Is it Ubuntu's policy to do Q&A on all the packages it puts in the
> > repositories?
>     Yes, every update to a release goes through a QA process to ensure
> that it does not cause regressions in behaviour.  Packages in each
> development cycle are tested thorugh a series of Alpha and Beta
> releases, where the developers attempt to address any discovered
> outstanding bugs.  Further, near the end of a development cycle, and
> for the life of a supported release, effort is made to not update the
> software in such a way that might introduce new bugs, specifically
> meaning that while additional patches are applied to address old bugs,
> new version are only very rarely imported, to reduce the chance of a
> new change causing additional bugs.
I understand the point of view of not fixing bugs at the end life of
a cycle, but certain software updates aren't in Ubuntu yet while new
version have been out for a while now. Azureus for example is still in the official repo while has been out before the
package freeze for Gutsy. 

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