GIMP *final* release for Gutsy?

Scott (angrykeyboarder) geekboy at
Fri Nov 9 05:59:06 UTC 2007

Scott Kitterman spake thusly:

> If you want to install software simply because it has a different version 
> number, you are clearly interested in different things than I am.

Indeed. I'm interested in Musical Theatre, Commercial Aviation and R&B
Music. How about you?

> You are 
> quite welcome to risk breaking your system however you want.

You *totally* missed my point.

The reason Getdeb *exists* is because there are developers who have your
attitude about software updates.

Personally, I won't use it. If I'm desperate enough (I'm not at this
point) I'll find a "third party" apt repo to update with. They tend to
be somewhat less likely to "Break my Ubuntu".
> If it's been uploaded to Hardy (I haven't looked) it should be possible to 
> backport it to gutsy-backports.

It's not been uploaded yet, hence my request for a sync that's seemingly
been killed. Do I request it again or will that be marked a "duplicate"?

> My main concern is that if there are serious problems that are fixed in the 
> later releases, we should fix them in gutsy-updates.

Of course your definition of "serious" might be different than another

Perhaps you should respond to this email:

You could say something like "And we should care because???"

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