Collection of useless top functions in Apport stack traces

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Thu May 31 13:27:56 UTC 2007

Hello Ubuntu developers,

we want to make Apport and the retracing service even better so that
it automatically recognizes duplicate reports [1]. For this to work,
we need to improve the reprocessed stack traces (the symbolic ones
automatically attached by the Apport retracing service) to become more
reliable and useful [2].

One particular problem where I need expert help from
Gnome/Mozilla/etc. savvy people is to remove functions off the top of
the Stack trace which are added by internal crash handlers and thus
are present every time and are not relevant to the crash. 

For example, glibc's assert(3) function always leaves an "abort()"
behind. Firefox's internal crash handler has a raise() and a
nsProfileLock::FatalSignalHandler() on top of it.

Since we will use StacktraceTop for identifying duplicates, those
default functions will impede the precision and lead to wrong
duplication of crashes, so we need to unwind them for generating

If you regularly deal with Apport crash report bugs and saw examples
of those, please point me to them (to a bug number, for example).

Thank you in advance!


Martin Pitt
Ubuntu Developer
Debian Developer
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