xmms into universe?

Oystein Viggen oysteivi at tihlde.org
Tue May 29 07:07:32 UTC 2007

* [Jan Claeys] 

> The Gtk1 XMMS has been ported to Gtk2 under the name beep-media-player.
> Some time ago the beep-media-player people started a new project (BMPx),
> but the classic BMP was forked to become the Audacious project, which is
> essentially the latest version of XMMS now.  (XMMS en "classic" BMP
> aren't supported by their upstreams anymore, but Audacious is.)
> See: <http://audacious.nenolod.net/Main_Page>
> (Audacious is available in Ubuntu 7.04 "Feisty".)

As for basic functionality (my personal use case), it seems Audacious is
a perfectly fine drop-in replacement for xmms.  The functionality I use

* Codecs: mp3, vorbis, flac, musepack.

* "xmms directory/" playing all music files in the directory in
  reasonable (alphabetical) order.

* Same as above, but "xmms -e directory/" for enqueuing.

* Song change plugin runs a shell script that updates one of those "now
  playing" macros everyone hates.

The basic conversion from xmms to audacious seems to have taken me all
of 10 minutes, including porting the configuration for the song change
plugin and browsing through the preferences dialog.  Only "problems"
I've run into so far:

* Default skin of audacious is fugly to my eyes (easily fixable)

* Need to retrain my fingers to type audacious instead of xmms.  I
  suppose an alias of sorts might be in order, not to mention
  uninstalling xmms.

Conclusion: Pointless post, but popcon --xmms ++audacious.

Nobody really reads these signatures anyway.

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