Broken Packages & Dependencies

Thilo Six T.Six at
Sat May 19 10:39:21 UTC 2007

Alec Wright wrote the following on 19.05.2007 12:10:

> Is anyone else having these problems in gutsy:
> Should I file a bug report?

Broken dependencies are quite usual in development releases.
package A gets updated and now has new dependencies (higher versions or even
new dependencies that have not been there before) on B.
Now B needs an update, too.
In the meantime you´ll get a "BROKEN" A.
Since developers only can work serial on packages these things get usually
(from my experience) sorted out in a short days.

But maybe there is new and difficult problem rising with B during preparing
the update so it will take maybe a week or so.

Personally i monitor such things very closely. ;)
But i would fill in bug only when i get the feeling there had something been

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