Lingering Severe dual-battery bug in Ubuntu 6.10

Lloyd Budd foolswisdom at
Mon May 14 21:41:58 UTC 2007

I guess that part about "Either the message will get posted to the
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From: Lloyd Budd <foolswisdom at>
Date: Apr 30, 2007 12:24 PM
Subject: Lingering Severe dual-battery bug in Ubuntu 6.10
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Dual / Two Batteries, shutdown on empty expansion battery. (GPM does
not recognises second battery on hotplug)

Severe dual-battery bug still exists in Ubuntu 6.10 that could cause a
person to lose data they are working on when their laptop powered by
two batteries rapidly shuts down, contrary to the level indicator when
one battery is depleted.

Yes, this is a rare scenario given how few people have two batteries,
but the symptom is potentially disastrous as the computer reboots
without warning, and you are stuck with a dead laptop if you don't
understand the problem and no power source is near.

I have moved on to Ubuntu 7.04 -- another fantastic release! And have
not experienced this or a similar problem.

Before I remove this bug off my radio, I thought I would raise it one
last time, because this bug's lingering seems contrary to the quality
goals of Ubuntu / Canonical.

Maybe, I have misinterpreted the situation and fixing this was/is a
priority of the organization, but it was not possible?

Keep up the fantastic work!
I can't grow without light,

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