What to do in case of power down while updating/upgrading from site or from a CD

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Thu May 10 18:55:45 UTC 2007

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Hi all,
       Its partly a question & partly an idea. Sorry if its a repost.The way
I look at it when we update, upgrade either from CD or on-line
if the power goes down is there some sane way so that the it starts the next
part of doing things when you boot up
the next time. Also are there some/any  way/procedure to make it so that it
updates something in sessions,  say
100 MB over 6 sessions rather than doing the whole upgrade in one go.
      The use case is pretty simple, you have a user shirish, who lives in
developing world where when the
mains will fail is no idea & his UPS only gives 5 minutes as backup time.
Now in such situation what is he
supposed to do other than try his luck?
       For e.g. just like we do when we update with Gusty, each day there
are  10-15 packages & that hardly takes
to update. Something similar so its sees no. of packages to update decided
by user. Comments, suggestions,
flames all welcome.
- --
          Shirish Agarwal
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