KLF Setup

George Farris farrisg at cc.mala.bc.ca
Fri May 4 15:09:03 UTC 2007

On Fri, 2007-04-05 at 11:01 -0400, Johnathan Falk wrote:
> One of the biggest things that linux users forget all the time is that
> Microsoft doesn't have a monopoly because of their pretty desktop because if
> desktop beauty was the deciding factor we would all use OS X.  The biggest
> thing is that one a windows server you can have Ldap + Kerberos + File
> Serving setup in under 10 minutes with no hassle. On windows its "Hey do you
> want to install Active Directory? Ok I can do that for you type your dns
> domain name and admin password POOF! I'm done."
> I have spent the last 8 days trying to get Ldap + Kerberos + NFSv4 to work
> at home with a little 6 node network and I can't even do that, how do you
> expect me or anyone to try and deploy this at a business or a school?  Its
> practically impossible to find a good howto on this, and then feeding ldap
> information with ldif's? What the hell?! Yes I know this is standard but I
> come from a windows world and to paraphrase the Mac people "it just works"
> I am sick of struggling with this and pretty soon am just going to go back
> to windows work stations.
> Maybe in the next iteration of Ubuntu instead of just 1. DNS server and 2.
> LAMP server, they could have another option Directory Server. Server roles
> are a big reason people like windows.  I just click a server role and BAM!
> Everything is done for me, and in the end Ubuntu's goals are to make linux
> easy.

You couldn't be more right about this.  I've been through this myself
and though I did manage to set up samba and ldap there are so many
howto's and other pieces of information that contradict one another it,
is just plain ugly and that's being kind.  Clear concise and TESTED
instructions on the Ubuntu site would be a real help.

Even a setup script would be a better first step, something like:

would you like to set up

[ ] ldap
[ ] samba
[ ] nfsv4
[ ] kerberos

Do you need to connect to ADS as a workstation
[ ] yes
[ ] no

Do you need to be a member server in an ADS tree
[ ] yes
[ ] no

Even that would be better than what happens now
If I had experience with Kerberos and an ADS machine to play with I
might do this but I just don't have the resources.

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