Open Port Indicator?

Christoffer Sørensen sorensen.christoffer at
Sun Mar 18 16:02:32 UTC 2007

On 3/16/07, Laurent <moky.math at> wrote:
> > I fail to see why UC[34] would require unauthenticated access.
> > Passwords do not take long to enter. I can enter my secure password in
> > around 1sec, no more than 2sec. And a simple password of say '123',
> > while not in any means secure is at least better than no
> > authentication at all. So speed of access is not a problem.
>     I think that the problem of Fritz is the fact that it is a priori
> not clear that there is a same account with the same pass on each
> machine. Maybe Fritz has configured the computers in such a way that the
> pass of the first is "314", the pass of the second is "159", the third
> "265" ... Fritz wants not to memorize 25 different passwords !
>     Of course, I think that the right solution is to set up the same
> pass  on all the computers.

Wouldn't a firewall help also here?

If your laptop is not at home, enable firewall. If not, disable it.
That would close all ports and effectively disable attacks.


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