Firefox 2.0 in Dapper?

Mike Fedyk mfedyk at
Sun Mar 18 15:40:57 UTC 2007

Mehdi wrote:
> i never had a problem with that.
> i never thought that it was so important to you ...
> anyway, if you don't like this manner of adding programs on your disto, 
> don't use it. that's all !

The problem is that you are recommending packages without also 
mentioning that support for these packages should not be sought from ubuntu.

> i'm sorry but if you look at the other repositories for debian or ubuntu 
> packages, they don't give always assitance or they don't deal with bug 
> reports ... for many of us, the main thing is to add a program, if there 
> is a bug then you can find a scenario to repeat it in the official 
> version and so you report it in launchpad. if it's a bug in the compiled 
> unofficial package, you can telle that to the repository manager !

Yes, *you* may know that, but many regular users don't.

> I mean it's not a big deal !

It is a big deal only because of the sheer volume of support requests 
repositories like this generate to ubuntu.

I'm trying to find a link to an official ubuntu statement about people 
recommending 3rd party repositories and where support requests should be 
directed afterward.  If anyone can provide this link I'd appreciate it.


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