It should be possible to disable the PC speaker's beep

Yann Simon at
Thu Mar 15 14:03:33 UTC 2007


The PC speaker's beep is very annoying.

When I disable it with gnome-sound-properties, I still hear it when I
shutdown or suspend my laptop.

The only solution is to blacklist pcspkr.

Using the command line is not a perfect solution, so I suggest:

- either it should be a way to do it without using the command line;
I think that gnome-sound-properties cannot do it, as it is launched
user's permissions.
So we need another tool (over-engineering...)

- other this module could be disabled by default;

- other this module could be disabled during startup, shutdown,

seb128 advised me to discuss this topic on this mailing list.
So here it is.... :)

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