More Ubuntu Wallpapers

Alec Wright alecjw at
Mon Mar 5 19:01:09 UTC 2007

Hi All,
I've been wandering recently, why doesn't Ubuntu come with more
wallpapers? It currently only comes with three wallpapers, all of which
are made on the computer; whereas Windows XP comes with lots of very
nice wallpapers, including actual photos. For those who don't know what
I'm talking about, here are a few examples (I home Microsoft don't hunt
me down for this):

I am aware that because Ubuntu is free and open source, it would not be
possible to hire professional photographers, but I expect that there
would be some people in the Ubuntu community willing to "donate" photos
which they have taken to Ubuntu. For example, if you went on holiday and
took a picture of an important landmark, and the photo looked
professional, the photo could be considered for inclusion in Ubuntu as a
desktop background, if the photographer was willing to publish it under
an appropriate license.

An obvious way of getting pictures form photographer to developer is via The higher rated user uploaded photos should be
considered by the developers for inclusion in Ubuntu.

Alec Wright

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