Java obviously not working

Matthias Klose doko at
Thu Mar 1 15:47:05 UTC 2007

Markus Hitter schrieb:
> To get some use out of this installation, I'd like to install  
> OpenCascade. While being open source, it comes with a java based  
> installer. Unfortunately, running Java doesn't look that well:
> /tmp/isijp053E/bin/i386/native_threads/java: error while loading  
> shared libraries: cannot open shared object  
> file: No such file or directory
> Indeed, there ist no such file in /usr/lib; the newest one there  
> is ...libc6.0.8.... Worse, Adept/Synaptic don't indicate anything  
> about such a library, the libc6.0.8-based version appears to be the  
> newest one.
> So my questions are:
> - This is a dependency mismatch between java (= gij-4.1) and what's  
> available in feisty's repositories, right?


> - How would I debug (testsuite?) and resolve (compiling some even  
> more recent package?) it?

please ask the distributor of the "OpenCascade" software first, then you 
may search for that file:

it's not there. IIRC that one was built by g++-2.95 on system with an 
older glibc. google for, find the file or 
informations how to build it.

an alternative might be to modify the installation scripts of your 
software to use a more recent java version.

> - Should I file a bug about such issues?


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